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To add a profile page, hand analysts must have successfully completed a certification program, or have a minimum of 2 years professional experience and 5 years of study.

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Professional Palmistry Directory

Welcome to's new profiles site. Here you will find detailed listings for experienced palm readers and hand analysts.
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Profiles currently listed:

Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia - Shayn Harkness

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Frank Keller

Burnaby, BC, Canada - Kenneth Lagerstrom

Esslingen bei Stuttgart, Germany - Manfred Magg

Asten, Netherlands - Martijn van Mensvoort

Singapore - Lim Han Chuan

Singapore - Robert Pwee

Johannesburg, South Africa - Jennifer Hirsch

Zurich, Switzerland - Brigitte Brun-Fässler

Koh Samui, Thailand - Bharat Melvin Rochlin

London, UK - Amber Garnet

Norwich, England - Johnny Fincham

Torquay, Devon, UK - Lynn Seal

Tucson, Arizona, USA - Beth Davis

Los Angeles, California, USA - Orna Banarie

Oakland, California, USA - Laura Kennedy

Palm Springs, California, USA - Kae Schreiber

Rancho Mirage, California, USA - Steven Galarnyk

Three Rivers, California, USA - Kay Packard

Richfield, Minnesota, USA - Rev. Sheila Van Houten

Portland, Oregon, USA - Elizabeth Bothwell

Portland, Oregon, USA - Ronelle Coburn

Portland, Oregon, USA - Christy Noelle

San Antonio, Texas, USA - Ann Ross

Arlington, Virginia, USA - Peggie Arvidson

Seattle, Washington, USA - Jim Barker

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Deborah Voith

International Palmistry Directory:

You will find many more professional palm readers listed on's International Directory of Professional Hand Analysts.

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Professional palm readers and hand analysts only. Minimum 2 years professional experience + 5 years of study. Click here to add your own free profile page. - -
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